Programming projects

On this page you will find some of my programming projects I have made or worked on. If you have any questions concerning these projects or if you would like to see some sample code. Feel free to e-mail me at:

Drunk Puppy Engine

This is a project I have been working on since October 2007. I started writing an engine that we could use for our Imagine Cup entry, which was a game called "Future Flow". This is an ongoing project so I am constantly trying to implement new and interesting features to the engine.

Here is a list of the most interesting features that I have already implemented: Visuals of the Drunk Puppy Engine with PSSM, Post-Processing and diffuse, specular and normal mapping (model courtesy of Laurens Corijn):

The trailer for "Future Flow", a game made with the Drunk Puppy Engine. It is available on the XNA Creators club beta and won 2nd place in the Microsoft Imagine Cup:

ScreamAimFire racing game

A project I made together with Laurens Corijn. We made a small racing game with working car physics using Jiglib as physics library. I was responsible for implementing the physics into the game and I also implemented a scenegraph which we also used for our levelbuilder of the game.

Verlet Integration

A project I made for myself implementing verlet integration using only basic distance constraints. It was created using a 2D game engine written by Kevin Hoefman.

1941: Counter Attack

A project in my first year of Digital Arts and Entertainment were we had to make a remake of an old arcade game. I made a remake of "1941: Counter Attack". It was only a small part of the first level, but most of the game logic was there. It was created using a 2D game engine written by Kevin Hoefman.

All sprites, names and game concepts copyrighted by Capcom.